App Development Tips for Newbies

Apps are a big deal in modern times and almost everybody have heard about apps or have used apps. Today, it is quite difficult to imagine getting through the day without using apps. If you are a developer, there is a very big chance that you might just be cashing in on the next big app.

If you are a newbie, here are some tips.

Have the right business plan

How you offer an app to potential users has a big effect on your download rate. Apps can either be free, free trial or premium. Think about which model suits your app the most but keep in mind that people tend to respond better to things which they can try out first before they decide to buy.

Know your users

Who is the app for? Why do you want to create the app? For success, you must know your users and what they need so that you can be the answer to their needs.

Investigate the market

What is the most in-demand thing right now? Look at your market share. Your market share is a small portion of the market which is dominated by a certain company or even product. Check apps which are similar to yours. What features do they have? What services do they offer? Doing so will enable you to tweak your apps and set it apart from others.

Market your app correctly

How you market your app can either mean success or failure.  Your app has to be more than catchy.  Your app’s name should also reflect what you are offering. The right name has the power to increase your sales and reinforce your brand. Your app’s name should have meaning and should be able to grasp what your app is all about. All your promotional materials should also look professional and polished.

Stick to the requirements

A simple oversight can de lay your app’s release so do not let silly mistakes stop you from succeeding. Do not ignore the requirements of the platform and be sure that you are 100% on all of the rules the platform has in place. This will help ensure that there are no delays and setbacks.

Track your app’s usage

Keep an eye on what users are doing with and to your app. Knowing your app’s movement you will be able to know what works, what doesn’t, what features are popular and what features still need a bit of tweaking. This is something, which must be done over time, and no it is not a one-time activity. Monitoring your app constantly and responding to the needs of your users will make their experience a lot better.

Offer great support

One of the things that turn people off from apps and companies offering them is bad customer service. No one wants to be in dire need of help only to be denied or kept waiting for too long. The quality of support you offer can make a whole world of difference to users. Another thing to remember is that people like communicating with real people, not with computers or recordings.